A World

A world that needs healing.

A world that rejects healing.

A world that weeps in pain.

A world that suffers, hoping for redemption.

A world with no hope.

A world that doesn’t believe in hope.

A world with no faith.

Everyone are turning their backs on each other, fighting each other, cheating and killing one another.
Even the sky is deeply in pain and weeps looking down on us.

So much anger heating up this world making it unstable

Getting angry is not enough

It’s too easy to get angry

Why get angry when you can get thrown into a deep frozen ocean without emotion.

We are in a world without emotions

Hatred and negativity are everywhere

We are all seeking answers but we are giving up too easy

We all need to work harder to promote peace, happiness, unity and love. Why are we not doing more to promote positivity and happiness? We need more positive people; we need more people to have hope, faith, wisdom, godly passion for helping one another. We can’t keep on fighting each other and kill one another. What do we gain from all this sadness?


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