Be an inspiration to all young souls
Teach them how to embrace challenging circumstances. Motivate them.
Prepare them to handle difficulties
Pray for them as they come to you for wisdom, knowledge and understanding as they are lights to this bewildering world
Let them know that life can be painful, but teach them how to endure the pain with great fortitude
Impact them with encouraging words and have a positive mindset
Because your positive viewpoint will help them be optimistic in life
Show them the meaning of true love and nurture them
Be there for them when they need you and be of great influence to them
Believe in them
Be proud of them
Because your faith in God will feed encouragement to their hearts and quench their thirsty souls with fresh spring water

God bless


4 thoughts on “Inspire

  1. Love your inspiration, you made it again. You always have the right words to touch people heart. Your kindness and generosity toward your people one is of the qualities i like most about u. Don’t change it you are just perfect the way you are. May God continue to bless you. You are a diamond my dear ftiend/bro. Stay blessed

  2. Very nice and good one. There is very good message for everyone. Keep on writing. Yes indeed Hawa I agree with you as well. You are a Diamond. You are very good person who thinks for everyone and a good friend too:)

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